Serendipity Wire 

Uniquely Unusual Wire Sculpture

Angel Sahaquiel

...even aluminium is heavier than feathers 

I learned as I fell.

Angels formed like me 

do not do well.

We are neither Daedalus or Icarus,

no flight for us,

we are too grounded,

too compounded

in rolls and rolls of wire.

Put us to the fire,

we melt and bleed when wet,

then we become set

in another way,

hiding our metal rings,

a solidifying arthritic thing

that grounds us no matter how we flap our feather wings.

The whirring sings 

and the friction brings burnt edges but no flight.

We become a comic sight 

to behold.

Mayhem, uncontrolled,

that is what we wire angels are...

                                                 Jan Ferrierr, 2019

An original poem composed by the talented writer @janferrierr

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